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Professional packing for door to door service

Professional packing for door to door service

Certified Packaging Experts

We are the experts – we know exactly how to package your goods.

We know all the shipping and packaging regulations from Japan’s ban on CFC styro-foam to shipping and cargo insurance standards for proper packaging.

When Global Pack2Ship packs your goods they will arrive at their destination safely, intact, on time and on budget.

Call Global Pack2Ship today for all of your packaging needs or call us we’ll help you do it yourself.

Our staffed locations have all the packaging materials that you need to get your packing done easily and quickly.




Moving with Global Pack2Ship is easy! Free estimates – no hidden charges – worldwide service.

Let us help you move anything you have by air, land or sea.

Global Pack2Ship will arrange for pick up, packaging, custom’s paperwork, insurance and door-to-door delivery within Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and America. In other words any worldwide destination.

Choose Global Pack2Ship for all your moving needs.
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